The point of being human is to learn love. We are more or less human insofar as we are in the school of love. As was the case for the prodigal son, the place where we learn true love is the path we take to come home to the embrace of our Creator God.

Learning love is a journey back to the reality of the First Love of our lives—the love that was there before we experienced any rejection and that will remain after all rejections. Learning love is accepting the invitation to reclaim the truth of our belovedness. Learning love is letting ourselves be loved fully and extravagantly. We learn to trust that in this love we come to the fulfillment of our humanity and the fulfillment of our calling.

There is nothing more important than learning love, because this is learning that counts for eternity. Learning to love is preparation for union with God. This was the purpose of our creation and is our destiny.
— David G. Benner, *Surrender to Love*, 93.