"Jesus spoke to the crowd with parables; without a parable He did not speak to them" (Matthew 13:34). This is the biblical mandate for The Stable Theatre, a dramatic arts ministry in Richmond, VA. What began as a desire to use drama as a teaching tool in a Jr/Sr High Sunday school class, has developed into a vision to be a professional resident theater producing plays with a Judeo-Christian worldview. That is not to say that every play produced would have an explicit gospel presentation; Jesus spoke in parables that were often unclear even to his disciples, until He privately explained everything (Mark 4:34). The company seeks to provide good, quality theater; something for the entire family. With a variety of plays having been, and to be produced, The Stable Theatre is also an entry point into the church. You can confidently invite friends and acquaintances to see a production that will provoke thought and provide opportunities for discussion of spiritual issues in a non-threatening atmosphere.

The seeds for The Stable Theatre were sown in the late 1980's, and in 1992, the first full-length production for public performance opened. CPC has been home for The Stable Theatre since it began. The church sanctuary was renovated to provide a full stage area, and over the years, other technical additions have been made to enhance the quality of each production. The church leadership and members are very supportive and involved in much of the work of The Stable Theatre. Actors and crew for the plays are drawn from CPC, as well as other local churches. 

The Stable Theatre believes that part of its mission is to provide a place for people to discover, explore, and use their gifts. Currently, all staff, cast and crew are volunteer, but the long-range plans are for this to become a viable, full-time theater company for all involved

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