This application is to be completed by all those who will be supervising minors. It is being used to help the church provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for those children who participate in our programs. All information given on this application will be kept in strict confidence. Thank you. Printable PDF, here.  

Before completing the application, please read our CPC Child Safety Policy Statement.

Name *
Are you a member of Christ Presbyterian Church? *
If not, are you planning on pursuing membership by attending the next membership class? *
Are there habitual sins in your life, or personal traits, that may inhibit your ability to sufficiently care for the children of CPC? (If you are unsure, please contact an elder or pastor of CPC to discuss this further.) *
I have read the CPC Child Safety Policy Statement and affirm that at no time in the past have I engaged in conduct that would fall within the definition of sexual, physical, mental, or emotional child abuse or neglect. *
I am applying to volunteer to serve the children of Christ Presbyterian Church with the primary purposes of reflecting the grace and love of Jesus Christ to them, and ensuring their well-being, health, and safety. Their needs and their good, not my own, will guide my ministry to them. I will be gentle, truthful, loving, and patient with the children I serve and the people I serve with. 
 I agree to work in cooperation with my ministry team and parents and to support and encourage my team members.
 I commit to arriving on time and attending all meetings for my area of ministry. As much as it is up to me, I will work to be at peace with my ministry team and the families we serve. When conflict arises, I will do my part to seek reconciliation and restoration. I will do all of my work within the parameters of the CPC Child Safety Policy, doing all I can to promote a safe and secure environment and work to prevent child abuse of any kind. I agree to immediately report any abuse I witness or suspect to an Elder of CPC. The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. Should my application be accepted I agree to be bound by the CPC Child Safety Policy and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the church. I further state that I have carefully read the policies and application. I understand the content thereof and I sign this application as my own free act. This is a legally binding agreement, which I have read and understand.