Did you know that we have over sixty people in regular rotation as volunteers on Sunday mornings? That’s a lot of people! To help us stay organized and schedule efficiently, we are trying an online application called Planning Center Services. If you help out in any way on Sunday mornings (greeters, music team, offertory, liturgists, tellers, and children’s ministry), please take a moment to create your own password (your username should be your email) address. This will allow you to login, see when you’re scheduled, and review plans for a Sunday. One thing you can do right away is blockout dates you know you won’t be available to serve.

If you like apps on your phone, there is a Planning Center Services app that you can download. If you just want to stick with email, that’s fine, too. You’ll still get emails notifying you that you’ve been scheduled and asking you to either confirm or decline for each date. Please respond to these emails! It will help our team leaders and schedulers know where the gaps are and how to plan accordingly.

There’s a learning curve with trying something new, and so expect some bumps along the way. But I think in short time this will be a really useful tool. If you have feedback about your experience with it or suggestions for improvements to make, please let me know!

Thankful for you,