When: Saturday, May 4, 9:30-1:30

Where: Christ Pres

What: Race Relations can be messy, especially in our current media and technology environment. Have we been properly prepared to seek racial reconciliation or have we been thrown in the deep end and hope to figure it out on our own? However you answer that question we want to offer a half day dive into racial reconciliation through the lens of the Bible. Reconciliation is nearly impossible without shared knowledge, shared language, and shared practices. Arrabon, a local Christian Non-profit devoted to building racial reconciliation, has put together a small group series on approaching Race Relations through the Bible. You do not need to have any prior knowledge on this subject to attend and get something out of this morning. It seeks to educate us on the issues that surround us and bring awareness to how a Christian might respond to those issues.

To register and be among the numbers for light breakfast and lunch: email Hayden Workman at haydenw@communitywestchurch.org