You can still sign up to serve on a Ministry Team.

More about the Ministry Teams:

Teams will consist of at least 3 people. Usually, a team will be led by an elder or deacon. Individuals are asked to commit to serve on a team for a one year period and may serve for more than one year. Individuals may serve on more than one team. Each team will meet 2-3 times per year—and more often as needed—to plan and pray for its area of mission and ministry. Written reports from these meetings will be submitted to the Session. 

Here are the teams:

Missions Team (Team Leader: Roger Hershberger)

The Missions Team will be responsible for:
-communicating with our mission partners
-praying for our mission partners
-communicating their needs to the congregation as appropriate
-scheduling minutes for mission
-making recommendations about how to allocate funds from our missions endowment
-recommending an annual missions budget to the Session

Outreach Team (Team Leader: Cherilyn Christie)

The Outreach Team will be responsible for:
-prayerfully considering outreach opportunities in the Metro Richmond area
-organizing outreach initiatives for the congregation
-keeping God's desire to reach the unchurched on the forefront of our hearts and minds

Welcome Team (Team Leader: Charlotte Davis)

The Welcome Team will be responsible for:
-considering and improving how we welcome and follow up with visitors
-evaluating the physical environment of our building with an eye toward our hospitality and ability to welcome guests
-making recommendations to the Session for improving our ministry of welcome 
-overseeing potlucks 

Prayer Team (Team Leader: Bob Andrews)

The Prayer Team will be responsible for:
-keeping prayer on the forefront of our minds and hearts as a priority for our mission and ministry
-engaging regularly in intercessory prayer for the Christ Pres community
-developing/continuing a regular presence of prayer ministry on Sunday mornings and other times

Building and Grounds Team (Team Leader: Jordan Anderson)

The Building and Grounds Team will be responsible for:
-organizing fall and spring work days
-prioritizing and overseeing maintenance and improvement projects (with approval from deacons and session as needed)
-encouraging the Christ Pres community in the faithful stewardship of our property

Discipleship Team (Team Leader: Kathy Wibberly)

The Discipleship Team will be responsible for:
-prayerfully considering how we can help every member of the Christ Pres family know, show, and grow the of Christ
-encouraging and praying for our children and youth ministry volunteers
-encouraging and praying for our community group leaders
-developing a plan for discipleship and spiritual formation that covers all of our age groups (children’s ministry, youth and student ministries, young adult, etc.)

Worship/Arts Team (Team Leader: John Lindner)

The Worship/Arts Team will be responsible for:
-developing creative ideas or projects for incorporating visual art into our church community
-developing creative content to enrich community life, such as videos, articles and blogs for use online or during community gatherings
-developing ways to encourage church members to use their creative gifts (music, art, writing, etc) for the benefit of the larger church community
- assisting with AV for Sunday services and other church events