Wilma and Bob Andrews will again to host a Sandwich, Prayer and Praise event in the Christ Presbyterian Church fellowship hall at 7 PM on Friday, June 22,  since the one scheduled for May 18 at church was cancelled due to the rain storm.  

Each attendee should bring an item to fill a sandwich and/or an appropriate side such as fruit, salad or chips that will feed at least 4, for couples that would be at least 8.  Wilma and Bob will provide a variety of bread (including gluten-free) and condiments along with water, lemonade and coffee.  There will be a time of fellowship while eating.  Attendees will be given the opportunity to share a very brief praise report of how God answered a recent prayer.  Prayer will be the main focus for the evening.

The primary prayer at this meeting will be silent prayer so there will be no expectations of being required to pray aloud.  In a circle or circles, depending on the number, each person will be given a card and asked to write down a prayer request that can range from personal to general.  The cards are collected, shuffled and redistributed.  During the prayer time each person will silently pray for the request on the card they have for about one minute then the leader will ask everyone to pass the card to the person seated to the left.  This continues until the cards have made their way around the circle.  In a circle of 8 people, each prayer request will receive 8 total minutes of prayer from 8 different individuals. 

There will be no child care but anyone, young or old, who can write a request, read and is willing to pray is more than welcome to be a participant in the event. 

If you plan to attend let the Andrews know of your intentions to give some general idea of how many will be attending.  Preferred communication is by e-mail to mr.bob.cpc@gmail.com with the number attending.