As we look forward to our Potluck on Sunday, here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare.

    *Please bring food items already prepared and ready to serve (For example, if you bring a loaf of bread, please take the time to cut it into slices; if you bring a salad with multiple ingredients, please mix the ingredients together before dropping it off for potluck). Please do not bring frozen items, as ovens will be used only to warm up foods.  This will make things easier for those who are setting up potluck.

    **Please bring enough food for about 8-12 people for each adult that is coming to potluck. Here are the assignments for Sunday: 

  • If your last name begins with A-E, please bring a main course (meat, stew, soup, casserole, sandwiches, etc.). 
  • Last names F-L, come with a side dish (bread, salad, vegetables, chips, etc.). 
  • And last names M-Z, please provide dessert.

    **Please allow visitors, guests, and others with special needs to go through the line first.

    **If the fellowship hall looks especially full, consider bringing your food to eat in one of the classrooms or outdoors at the tables near the playground, to allow seating for guests and visitors in the fellowship hall.

**Consider signing up for potluck set up or clean up. It is a practical way to serve our church community and can be an opportunity to get to know some people better as you serve together.

We want our Potlucks to be good experiences for everyone, and for everyone to have enough to eat. Thanks for preparing accordingly! And hope to see you for lunch on Sunday!