Dear ones,

As we shared during the service this morning, the session has been exploring the possibility of getting our parking lot repaved, in communication with our deacons of building and grounds, and we feel like we are ready to move forward with the work. As you know, our lot has needed work for quite some time. It’s unsafe for walking in places, it can’t be plowed when it snows on account of the potholes, and it contains veritable lakes whenever it rains. 

The area to be paved includes everything that is currently paved, plus extending the lot to the fence by the playground, and paving the two parking spaces by the manse. We received bids from four different paving contractors. We are feeling like of the four we talked with, we are most confident in Total Asphalt. They have been very responsive, professional, and have paved for WEAG, Hope Church, and Immanuel Baptist Church. Recommendations from those churches have been glowing. 

We are in a position financially to take this project on at this time. As of Friday, March 16, here are our figures:

Checking:  $74,464.57  

Savings:  $8,609.62 (building fund)

Total Asphalt’s quote:  $53,430 

Difference: $29,644.19

Repaving the lot is a big expense. We’ve always known it would be. Thankfully, even after paying for this work, we will have enough to cover emergencies and to meet our financial obligations to our staff and mission partners, all without going into debt. 

While this technically doesn’t require a congregational vote, the session wants to be transparent about our process and would like to hear any concerns members and regular attendees might have. We feel like we’ve done our due diligence and that this is a good time to get this needed work done. But please reach out if you feel differently, or if there are other questions you have that we might answer. If your feedback is along the lines of, "Praise the Lord! Pave that thing!" we'd be happy to hear that, too. 

Barring any major objections, we’ll likely be moving ahead with this soon, and could have a new parking lot in time for Easter (which is also April Fools Day, so we’ll keep you guessing).

With you in Jesus,