We've been updating our website. If you haven't visited in a while, check it out: christpresrva.com.

The Traditional Sexuality & Radical Community Forum with Wesley Hill is this Saturday, at Third, from 9-12. It is free and open to all. More info, here

The Sunday evening Community Group led by the Freemans is going to have a time of prayer for healing and worship on Sunday, April 2. The group begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Manse. We are inviting anyone who is in need of prayer for healing to come this next Sunday (4/2). If you're not able to come but you would like prayer, please contact the Freemans and let them know so they can pray for you during the time. 

We'll have a Spring Cleaning & Work Day at the church, Saturday, April 8, 9AM-3PM. Lunch will be provided. If you're able, please plan to come help for all or part of the time. 

As Christ Pres grows, our members and attendees have more and more opportunities to serve one another and our community. Volunteers are needed and welcome! Check out this new page on our website, and if you aren't already overcommitted (!!!), fill out the form to let us know how you'd like to serve, and we'll get you connected.

Holy Week is coming up. We'll be celebrating Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with St. Giles and Community West. If you're able, please plan to join us! Childcare will be available both evenings. More info, here