Wendy Lindner will be going into the hospital for the beginning of her chemo and treatment next week. Here are some ways people can show love and support to her and John in this time: Prayer! Continuously petitioning our heavenly Father for his tender loving care of John and Wendy during this time is priceless! Cards. Letters. Balloons.

Please remember there are significant restrictions by the hospital. There are no plants or food allowed. If anyone would like to visit Wendy, there is a phone number they can call to contact her caregivers to identify a time as well as to determine if Wendy is up for visitors. Visitors will need to have a flu shot, no symptoms of any illness, and no recent exposure to shingles or chickenpox. The phone number is 804-495-1043.

There will be a work day at the Lindner home to deep clean before Wendy gets home mid March. More details will be coming.

Deborah Freeman is the contact person between CPC and the Lindners and caregivers. So if you have questions feel free to contact her by text or ph: 804-405-5821. Or email: panddfreeman1988@yahoo.com