The church workday will be Saturday, May 9, 8:30AM - 5:00PM, with a break for lunch at noon. Please mark your calander a and plan to help for some or all of that time. As you can see below, there's much work to be done!

 The To-Do List

1- Installing A/C s in windows

2- Replacing A/C filters

3- Replacing light bulbs
4- Remove and label torn screens for repair.
5- Replace broken light fixtures such as at Manse exit door.
6- Sweep out and straighten up Boiler room
7- Same for storage room next to library.
8- Clorox clean restrooms and kitchen..
9- Clean windows and openings
10-Dust library shelves
11-Clean the classrooms.. under couches, etc.
12-Clean out junk under sound control booth
13-Wipe down walls in sanctuary and other rooms
14-Take stock of play ground fence boards, broken equipment..
15-Manse cleaning and repair needs, screens, porch ceiling, etc.
16-Parking lot and landscape timber needs
17-Inspect for broken furniture.  Clean fellowship hall seats and tables, if needed.
18-Landscaping and clean up