CPC, I want make you aware of and encourage you to consider attending this conference, exploring our calling and what it looks like to work for the common good of Richmond. I think it will be a stimulating and challenging weekend (fun, too!).

Friday night will feature: No BS! Brass, Shola Walker (spoken word artist), Jim Ukrop, Bob Mooney, Patience Salgado, and Ham Glass. The keynote speaker, Skye Jethani, will talk about the history of the common good.

Saturday will be designed for Christians looking to dive deeper into vocational stewardship (one of CPC's community commitments) and will include greater group participation and discussion. Skye will give a talk focused on how our understanding of the future shapes our present work for the common good.

More about the schedule here: http://commongoodrva.com/conference/schedule/

Registration is live and early registration has been extended until September 15.  You can register and learn more about Common Good RVA here: http://commongoodrva.com.

With you in Jesus,