On Sunday, we will have a special worship service (10:45 AM), during which we'll celebrate God's faithfulness in seeing us through our transition into ECO and affirm together our community agreement–the values we are embracing as a congregation and the vision of who we understand God calling us to be for this season of our life together. The service on the 29th will provide an opportunity for current members to renew their membership by affirming this agreement, and we will also receive new members, as they, too, affirm the agreement. 

We also understand that some people who are very much a part of the CPC community may not want to affirm the agreement, at least not at this time. That is okay. We want to be a community that is welcoming to everyone, and we don't want to create unnecessary barriers to participation in the life of our church. However, all who currently desire to be identified as members of CPC will need to affirm the community agreement. So please plan to join us on Sunday!