There will be a meeting of the congregation on Sunday, February 16, immediately following the service, to review our mission, vision, and values and to officially adopt them as a church, which will require a vote of the congregation.

As a reminder, our process with this document has included the following:

  • discussion and prayer by the session, leading to an initial draft
  • a meeting of elders and deacons, during which the vision and values were further refined and revised
  • a "first draft" made available to the congregation for review, input, and feedback
  • a Family Meeting (1/14), during which this draft was further reviewed and discussed, valuable input was given by the congregation, and helpful suggestions were made
  • a second draft prepared by the Session, with significant revisions, incorporating input received by the congregation at the Family meeting

This second draft has been available for review at the website, here, and hard copies were distributed to the congregation on Sunday, January 26. That Sunday, Kevin also reviewed the vision during his sermon (which, even though it is WAY TOO LONG, you might want to revisit online). 

So, at this point, the Session feels that we are ready to have one more opportunity for discussion and to officially adopt the mission, vision, and values on February 16. After the vision is officially adopted, it will still be open to refining and revision. However, we will want to begin using it for membership classes and for organizing our church's life together. If you have not yet done so, please take some time to review the most recent draft online. And please don't hesitate to be in touch with Kevin and/or the Session with any suggestions or ideas you may have about it, because we would love to hear from you. 

We are excited about what this communicates about who we are and where God is calling us, and we very much want this to be something that is widely embraced by our congregation and that we can feel good about supporting with our time and resources. So please plan to be with us on February 16!