The Session and deacons have prepared a Vision and Values draft, which tries to articulate what we feel the Lord is calling us to be about as a church. That draft is available for your review, here. The final version of it will be the document we use for membership, now that we have moved into the ECO.

(The password needed for that and all other "members" pages went out in an earlier email. If you need it again, please email 

We will have two opportunities this month to meet together as a church to review and refine this vision document. First, next Tuesday, 1/14, at 7:00 p.m., there will be a Family Meeting in the sanctuary for the purpose of discussing the vision and values. Second, we will have time during our Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, 1/26 to go over the document.

If CPC is your church, even if you aren't a member, we would love for you to attend at least one of these meetings. If this document is going to be meaningful and helpful, it needs to be ours together, not just the Session's. So we very much want your input and feedback. Please take some time to look over the draft and to think and pray about how it might be refined and improved.