Our Values


Our Values


1 | Kingdom over Congregation

We believe the church exists to be a sign, foretaste, and instrument of God’s kingdom. And God's kingdom is always greater than the local congregation. Practically, this means that we are ready to partner with others for the common good of our city and eager to send out individuals from our body for the sake of God’s kingdom. Our focus is more on equipping our members for ministry in the world than on growing our congregation. 

2 | The Community over the Christian

We believe we know God, grow in Christlikeness, and serve the world best when we do it together. The Christian life is always personal but rarely, if ever, private. We continually look for ways to be the church together. We also value differences among Jesus’ followers, and we seek to be a community that makes room for faithfulness in all its forms.

3 | People over Programs

We believe people are more important than programs. If we invest time and energy in programs, it is to the extent that they help us and others grow in Christ. Our focus is more on the health of the vine than the quality of the trellis, and we pursue Christian growth primarily through relationships.   

4 | Seven Days over Sunday

We believe church is not an activity we do, not a place we go, but rather a people we are, by God’s grace. We are the church in our gathered and scattered lives throughout the week. We seek to make our time together on Sunday serve our being the church throughout the week. Because all of life is the Lord’s, we serve the Lord seven days a week. 

5 | Priesthood of All Believers over Professional Pastor

We believe the Holy Spirit is generous, giving every member of the body gifts for its edification and mission. We want to share leadership and ministry responsibilities throughout our body according to our gifts and callings. We encourage and help each other to see how God is gifting each member of the body for ministry and mission, and we actively look for ways to be involved in the church’s life and mission.  


Our Leaders

Our Leaders


Kevin Germer, Pastor

Blair Ward, Coordinator of Children's Ministry

Dan Hargreaves, Treasurer

 Elders at our 2018 Session Retreat. 

Elders at our 2018 Session Retreat. 


Bob Andrews (class of 2020, 1st term)

Cherilyn Christie (class of 2020, 1st term)

Roger Hershberger (class of 2019, 2nd term)

John Lindner (class of 2018, 1st term)

Kathy Wibberly (class of 2019, 2nd term)

Ev Worthington, Clerk of Session (class of 2018, 2nd term)


Jordan Anderson (class of 2020, 1st term)

Lynne Carter (class of 2018, 2nd term)

Tim Carter (class of 2018, 2nd term)

Alex Comiskey (class of 2020, 1st term)

Kristen McEntire (class of 2019, 2nd term)

Leo Ulashkin (class of 2019, 2nd term)




Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Loving God

We were created to know and love God. Because God has loved us through Jesus, we are free to love Him in return. God is sending us to love Him through:

Worship: We praise God together, learn together, know and grow in the gospel together, celebrate the sacraments together, serve together.

Prayer: We seek to know and love the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through prayer--listening to God, adoring him, confessing our sin, thanking him and trusting him with our lives.  

Knowing God’s Word: We regularly and prayerfully study, meditate on, and engage with God’s Word, on our own and with others. We seek to know the Bible’s story and to believe God’s promises more deeply.

Obedience: By the Holy Spirit’s power, we seek to live holy, obedient, and faithful lives, obeying God’s Word, repenting from our idolatries, and trusting in Jesus. 

Generosity, stewardship and hospitality: We give of our time and money to the church and to others. We seek to know and use well the gifts and resources that God has given us.

Openness to the Holy Spirit: We  expect and welcome the gifts of the Spirit and seek to be sensitive to how the Holy Spirit is at work among us and through us.

Loving One Another

God made us for relationship with each other, and we want the quality of our relationships to reflect the goodness of God’s kingdom. God is sending us to love one another through:

Prayer: We pray for one another, that we would grow more and more into the likeness of Christ. 

Participation: We are not mere spectators or consumers of worship services, but rather participants in community. We look for ways to engage in the different gatherings of the church’s life, and we sensitively look for ways to be involved in each other’s lives throughout the week. 

Hospitality: We look for ways to welcome each other into our lives and homes, eating meals together, meeting practical needs, and using our resources to bless one another. 

Confession and Forgiveness: We freely admit that we will inevitably fail as individuals and as a congregation to be and do what would honor God. In view of God’s grace, we confess sin and the ways we have wronged one another and, when called for, express apologies to others. In view of God’s grace, we forgive before God and extend forgiveness to each other in grace and mercy. We praise God for the mercy and grace He extends to us even in our failures.

Christian Formation: We seek out brothers or sisters in Christ who will help us follow Jesus faithfully, and we seek out others whom we can help follow Jesus faithfully. We commit to person-to-person, relational ministry as a primary means of Christian formation. We will be responsive to one another and open to one another’s affirmation and correction, in truth and in love. 

Children and Youth: We welcome and love the young people among us, investing in their lives, praying for them regularly, and helping them grow into the likeness of Jesus. We promote their development both in families and in the church body.

Healing: We believe Jesus heals, and that he is healing us--physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We seek to be a community that welcomes and cares for broken and hurting people, just as Jesus has welcomed and cared for us in our hurt and brokenness. 

Loving the World

As a community, we exist not only for God and for each other, but also for the good of our neighbors, city, and world, whether Christian or not. God is sending us to love the world through:

Prayer: We pray for our neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and colleagues. We pray for the coming of God’s Kingdom in Metro Richmond. 

Evangelism: We cooperate with the Holy Spirit to share the good news about Jesus in word and deed. 

Vocational and Recreational Stewardship: We view our current occupations and vocations as opportunities to glorify God by serving others. We also view our recreational and leisure activities as opportunities to love and glorify God.

Creation Care: We care for God’s creation and practice good stewardship of the earth, remembering God’s plan to make all things new.

Neighboring: We seek to strengthen our neighborhoods by being good neighbors, knowing our neighbors, building authentic relationships with them, and using our homes for hospitality and outreach.

Partnering: We partner with other churches and ministries to work for the common good of Richmond. 

Sending: We send and support missionaries around the world, believing that God’s love is for every nation, every culture, and all people. We are open to God sending us into different communities, cultures, and people groups. 



Our Affiliation

Our Affiliation

We are a part of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, whose mission is to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.